• Luck

    Less than a week after naming our skoolie The Good Luck Bus, it broke down. Stuck on the side of the road in West Texas with no cell service, miles away from the nearest city, I laughed at the irony.
  • Support Your Local Day Dreamer

    When I was 8, I announced that one day I would be the first woman player in the NBA to anybody who would listen. The only person who ever took me seriously was my dad, who not only agreed with me that my goal was possible, he actually believed that I would make that dream come true. When I was 10...
  • The Past Five Years.

    Five years ago, we left Austin, Texas with very little money and even less of a plan. All we knew was that we didn't want to keep living the same day, every day, for the rest of our lives. We were working too much to pay for shit we didn't need in a house that we couldn't afford and none of it felt right.

    There has to be more to life than this?

  • The Next Five Years.

    After five years of full time travel, bus life, camping and adventuring all over North America, our family of six has decided to settle down and return to a normal, quiet life in the suburbs.

    Hahahahahaha! Just kidding. DO YOU EVEN KNOW ME?