Support Your Local Day Dreamer

When I was 8, I announced that one day I would be the first woman player in the NBA to anybody who would listen. The only person who ever took me seriously was my dad, who not only agreed with me that my goal was possible, he actually believed that I would make that dream come true.

When I was 10, I casually told my dad I might one day want to work for NASA. Not long after that, I got a package in the mail filled with information about the Space Program, mailed directly from NASA, who had heard all about me and my promising future as an astronaut. 

When I was 18, I decided I'd rather go to art school to become a photographer than attend a "real college" like my friends. When I was accepted to The School of Visual Arts, I was thrilled at the prospect of moving from my small hometown to the heart of Manhattan, NYC. While the rest of my family shook their heads, my dad called the local florist and had a bouquet of flowers delivered to me with a card telling me how proud and excited he was for me. 

When I was 27 and starting my own photography business, my dad asked for my first business card to put in his wallet next to his very first business card from the construction company he had started as a young man. 

When my dad died in 2016, I found that business card in his wallet, along with boxes of my old school report cards, photos of me in my junior high basketball uniform and the entire packet of information NASA had sent to me as a kid. 

My dad was my biggest fan. I'm sure he knew the odds of my childhood dreams coming true were slim, but he saw something in me nobody else seemed to. He may not have actually believed in my future NBA career, but





Losing my dad was devastating. It's still devastating. I didn't just lose a parent. I lost my biggest fan. My most vocal supporter. One of the few people I could share my dreams with that didn't make me feel silly or overly ambitious. Somebody who got just as excited about my wild ideas as I did. If you've never had a "crazy" idea, you might not realize how rare it is to have somebody who encourages your "crazy." Somebody who believes you can be all the things you want to be. Somebody who believes in you 100%, even after you've changed your mind, changed your goals and changed your ideas a thousand times.




for somebody you love.

Support your friends who try new things.

Support your loved ones who are out there taking chances.

Support their first idea.

Support their tenth idea.

Support them with your words.

Support them with your energy.

Support them so much that it makes it hard for them to doubt themselves.

The rest of the world will expect them to fail and will tell them they're crazy. The rest of the world will criticize and doubt them. Sometimes we're motivated by people telling us we can't do something, but those aren't the people we want to surround ourselves with. Those are the people we want to prove wrong. 

And when we do prove them wrong, we want to celebrate with you. 


Thanks for reading, friends. And thanks for being here. Now go buy yourself a shirt. 😉 xo, Sarah Q


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