The Next Five Years.

After five years of full time travel, bus life, camping and adventuring all over North America, our family of six has decided to settle down and return to a normal, quiet life in the suburbs.

Hahahahahaha! Just kidding. DO YOU EVEN KNOW ME?

If you haven't already read my quick and easy recap of our last five years, click here! 

So now what? How could I have possibly come up with a plan to make two house-loving teens who only want their own rooms happy when they belong to a mom who can't imagine giving up bus life? Well, apparently life as a parent is just one big ass compromise. 

To make the big kids happy, we've decided to move into a "regular" house again, BUT we're also keeping our skoolie, The Good Luck Bus, our tiny home for the last two years! We aaaaaaalmost sold it, but when the sale fell through, I took it as a sign from the universe that this bus was meant to be ours forever.

Since we'll still have the bus, we can go on adventures anytime we want, but the kids can have their own rooms again and can choose when and if they want to travel with us. We won't be traveling full time anymore, but you know I'll be on the road as often as possible. Just knowing we can hop back into the bus and drive up to the mountains anytime we feel like it makes me so damn happy. It's not exactly my dream life, but it'll do until these kids are off to choose their own adventures.

And in the meantime, we're starting a new business! 

Ever since we sold our first bus, people have told us we should design and sell skoolies for a living. That bus - The World School Bus - was only on the market for a week or two and in that time, we received HUNDREDS of emails and Facebook messages from interested buyers. Even after it sold, we continued getting messages almost daily for over a year. Occasionally, almost three full years later, I still get asked if that bus is for sale. It's crazy, but I thought it was just a fluke.

Then I listed The Good Luck Bus and the same thing happened.

Tons of messages, comments, social media shares and texts! For days I was answering questions constantly, sending videos, responding to comments. And then another friend asked me the same thing we'd heard so many times. "You should be building and selling these buses for a living. WHY AREN'T YOU?"

You guys.


I guess it wasn't really an option while we were traveling full time. And we've never really considered ourselves "builders." We were just two people who loved the idea of bus houses and decided to figure out how to build some. But now that we plan to live in a house, there's nothing stopping us from buying some buses and turning them into tiny homes for other people. 

The people who loved our buses were drawn to the colors we used and the creativity. Most buses on the market are pretty similar in aesthetic. Lots of wood, very outdoorsy, wood-burning stoves, earth colors only. Our buses, on the other hand, have bright blues and yellows and pinks. They're full of light and color and cozy spaces. We may not have ever considered ourselves "builders," but we're not bad at this skoolie conversion thing. So why not build a few more and see who wants 'em? And since we're not just building for ourselves, we can be even more creative with layout and design for single people, couples and smaller families. 

Imagine traveling the country in a bright pink bus with stars on the ceiling. Or in a 70's style bus with shag carpets and a lime green fridge? How about a mid-century mod style bus with big bold patterns? We'll be creating one of a kind buses for one of a kind people. Colorful, creative skoolies in a world full of cookie cutter neighborhoods.

Tiny spaces with BIG personalities. 

That's what The Good Luck Bus Company is all about.

But that's only HALF of our new business plan and the other half might be our biggest, most ambitious idea ever. 

We're going to build a BUS PARK! It'll be similar to an RV park, except one million times more amazing - and you won't even need your own RV or bus! Our dream is to build about a dozen new bus to rent, each one a different color, different theme, different style. Each bus will have it's own little wooden deck and outdoor area for campfires and dining. In the middle of the park, there will be a big common area for everybody to gather and watch movies, eat yummy food and make s'mores together. Hopefully we can find a perfect plot of land somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, full of big tall trees, close to all the lakes, mountains and beaches that make this area so amazing. I can't imagine a more perfect place to live and work. 

So THAT'S the big plan! And that's why this blog post is titled "the next five years." Because building all of this will take a WHILE. I'm not the most patient person and I AM SO EXCITED to get started, but right now, thanks to Covid-19, we have very little money to start this business.

Soooooo ...

I designed some skoolie stuff and have opened an online shop full of shirts and stickers and totes and mugs! All kinds of cute stuff for adventure-loving people of all ages! I'm also working on some home decor items, some retro keychains and magnets. Maybe I'll make some puzzles and a calendar or two. Every week I'll be posting new items, so if you haven't already bookmarked the shop and signed up for the mailing list, PLEASE DO!


1. Please share our new site and shop link! Especially with skoolie groups or bus people you know! Your share on social media will LITERALLY help us build our dreams and we are so appreciative. Some of you have been following us since the very beginning and I can't tell you how much your support these past five years has meant to us.

2. Buy a shirt! Or a sticker! Or anything from our store! We have some non-skoolie stuff mixed in there, too, so look around and find something you like. Every sale helps us reach our (very ambitious) goals!

3. Sign up for our mailing list at the very bottom of this page! We promise to only send you the kind of emails we'd want to get.

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Thank you, friends. Thank you from the bottom of our crazy, dreaming hearts.

xo, The Q Family ❤️